Oregon based Ink Defense Tattoo Care wins Global Vegan Award

Ink Defense Named Best All-Natural Tattoo Skincare Brand at the 2023 Global Vegan Awards

Eugene-based, woman-owned small business secures top honors in the 2023 Global Vegan Awards for its innovative tattoo skincare range.

EUGENE, OR, December 27, 2023 – Ink Defense Tattoo Care, a woman-owned company from Eugene, Oregon, has been recognized as the 2023 Best All-Natural Tattoo Skincare Brand by UK LuxLife Magazine in the 2023 Global Vegan Awards. Following the announcement, the coordinator of the Vegan Skincare Awards commented, “We’re very pleased to feature Ink Defense Tattoo in this awards supplement. As a collective of many tattooed individuals, we understand just how crucial it is to source the highest quality products to assist with the healing process. Natural is the way forward in terms of tattoo aftercare, and we’re sure that this notion will continue to persist through Ink Defense Tattoo’s tireless work.”

The Global Vegan Award, which acknowledges industry innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, has honored Ink Defense Tattoo for the second consecutive year. Elaine Pandolfi, the founder of Ink Defense Tattoo, expressed her excitement: "Being named Best All-Natural Tattoo Skincare Brand again in 2023 is a reflection of our dedication to our customers and our commitment to quality in professional tattoo care."

Ink Defense's product range, developed with all-natural ingredients, includes comprehensive solutions for both during and after the tattooing process, enhancing tattoo aftercare significantly. Their lineup features the ProBalm for tattooing, along with aftercare products such as Foaming Cleanser, Tattoo Cream, and a Sunscreen Stick for sun protection. The new ‘naked’ line, developed in response to customer feedback, offers unscented, vegan tattoo products for clean skincare. “Our growth and improvement are driven by the feedback from our customers and tattoo artists,” Pandolfi added.

Ink Defense boasts a team of professional tattoo artists who promote the brand at various conventions and expos, including the Hampton Tattoo Expo in Virginia and the Portland Tattoo Expo in Oregon. The brand has also gained visibility at prestigious events like the Academy Awards and Grammy pre-show events.

2023 Global Vegan award for Ink Defense Tattoo Care

About Ink Defense Tattoo:

Founded by Elaine Pandolfi, a native of Eugene, Oregon, Ink Defense Tattoo is committed to providing top-tier, all-natural tattoo care products. These products, ideal for both tattoo enthusiasts and professionals, are crafted with natural ingredients to nurture healthy skin and preserve tattoo artistry. Ink Defense Tattoo products are available at select tattoo studios across the US and online.

Connect with Ink Defense Tattoo on Instagram (@inkdefense) and Facebook (@inkdefense), or visit https://www.inkdefensetattoo.com to explore their range of natural skincare products.