About Us

Elaine’s Story

I love ink. It is an art form; a complex art form where the canvas moves and shifts-the body. I see the amazing work people produce, all kinds of styles. I am in awe of the artists and those who are their canvases. 

After getting a small tattoo over my ankle, I swore I would never get another one - IT HURT SO MUCH. But I was hooked, and I got more. I soon realized the aftercare was limited. It was either full of chemicals I could not pronounce or it was greasy. I wanted to care for my new art, but also wanted healthy products for my skin and body. It needed to be absorbed. Greasy ointments made me walk around like a scarecrow.

I couldn't find a formula that was chemical free and easy to apply, so I decided to create one myself. After a number of attempts, I contacted local tattoo artists to refine the formula. I was shocked with the limited amount of information they had about aftercare and the healing process. I realized even for artists committed to their craft, aftercare in many cases was an afterthought. I dug deeper and enlisted a natural skincare scientist. It was important for me to work with someone who was looking after the health of my skin as much as my body’s well being. It was created to be easy to apply and absorbed. The result was our signature product, Ink Defense Tattoo Cream.

As we continue to grow, we are proud to offer more products to our Ink Defense family, all of which utilize the natural ingredients we started with.  We're pleased to have talented artists on the Ink Defense Pro-Team who share our vision.  Most of all, we are thrilled to be part of your tattooing journey.   


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