About Us

How Ink Defense came to be

We love ink! It’s a beautiful, complex art form where the canvas, of skin, moves and shifts. The amazing work artists produce, across all mediums, continue to awe us. 

Ink Defense, founder, small business, woman owned, tattoo industryOur founder, Elaine Pandolfi, got her first tattoo over her ankle. She swore she would never get another one because it hurt so much! But, like many others, she was hooked and got more. What she and friends found in aftercare  products was limited. It was either greasy and heavy or it was full of chemicals. It’s important to care for your new art, but we also wanted healthy products for the skin and body. It is here the idea for Ink Defense was hatched. 

Unable to find an aftercare formula that was chemical-free and easy to apply, Elaine set about to create a formula of her own. It was important to bring tattoo artists into the process to gain more information about ingredients and the formulations they were familiar with. After many attempts and working with artists, who had little knowledge of the aftercare products they were using, it was time to bring in a natural skincare scientist. The keys to our formula were, and still remain, to provide a product that is all-natural, easy to apply, and absorbs completely into the skin. From this our first product was born - Ink Defense Tattoo Cream.

As we continue to grow our products and work with our incredible Pro-team artists  who share our vision, we continue to utilize the natural ingredients we started with. Above all else, we are excited and honored to share in your tattooing journey.  

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