Meet the Ink Defense Pro-Team

Meagan “Megz” StevensMeagan Megz Stevens

Tehachapi California
Instagram:  tattoozbymegz
I have been tattooing for seven years. I specialize in pop culture and floral pieces. When I am not tattooing, I enjoy reading a good fantasy book or you can find me at Disneyland with my husband and son. 

My Favorite Ink Defense Product: Artist Balm, Pro-Balm. The way it calms the skin and the senses with its lavender aroma is unbeatable! 

Em Whiteseth 

Portland, Oregon
Instagram:  elmpixie.tattoos

I’m a queer, body-inclusive tattooer running a small family-owned studio in Portland, Oregon. I like tattooing bright color, abstract and psychedelic designs, queer themes, and lots of nature. I’m a new Mama, and I like to go see live music whenever I can! 

My Favorite Ink Defense Product:  Tattoo Cream for aftercare. I encourage all my clients to use it and love the results I see. It’s so light, non-greasy, and doesn’t just collect dust and pet dander to stick to your fresh tattoo like some stickier greasier products. It smells and feels great! 

Michael Bowen 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Instagram:  Twizted Art Tattooz

I am originally from Orange County, California.  I have lived in Utah since 2011.  Tattooing has been my passion since I was young.  I specialize in black and grey, but I also enjoy doing color.  No tattoo is too big or too small for me.  I am a freehand artist with custom one of a one-of-a-kind designs.  What drives me is seeing my clients’ smiles and loving their new INK! 

My Favorite Ink Defense Product:  Pro-Balm. I use it while I'm tattooing. I apply very little to the top of my glove, and as I'm shading, I apply a little to that part and shade. It helps the shading lay into your skin easily and is really smooth. It doesn't get your skin all red and look ugly. It's not like any other. It smells great. Ink Defense Pro Balm is all I use. I won't use any other.

Nicolette Frangipani 

Molalla, Oregon 
Instagram:  back40tattoo
My biggest passion is to teach. My natural nurturing nature helps her relate with people across many trades and skills. I am an entrepreneur just like my father and the academy is my 13th business. "It's easy to know what people want or need. Just listen". 
My Favorite Ink Defense Product: Pro-Balm. They're all excellent products. I use the Pro-Balm for every procedure. Just before bandaging, I teach my client what proper application looks like with a quick post-op massage. I use the Pro-Balm to really calm the pours and prevent plasma crystals. 

Larry McDaniel    

Dalton Georgia and Ft. Payne Alabama
Instagram: brokenarrowtattoos

Professional tattoo artist for over 20 years. I am versed in all styles and specialize in coverup tattoos. One of a very select few artists asked to attend Daytona bike week each year. I love motorcycles and have been playing paintball nearly 30 years.

My Favorite Ink Defense Product: Tattoo Aftercare cream. It does what an aftercare product is supposed to do. It's not oily or greasy and keeps your tattoo moisturized during and after the healing process.

Ollie Nash  

Cottage Grove, Oregon
Instagram: thetwist365 
My name is Ollie Nash. I'm originally from Indiana,  I've lived in Oregon since 2009. I like to do crafts and projects in my spare time. I own two shops. One in Cottage Grove and one in Brownsville, Oregon.

My Favorite Ink Defense Product: the wash, the Foaming Skin Cleanser!

Hayli Menizes 

Molalla, OR
Instagram: artisthaylimenzies

I have a passion for animals of nature. In my off time, I am rescuing all sorts of life, gardening, and playing with my kids and my husband. I even created her own hobby farm! My tattoo style reflects my life’s interests as I specialize in all things nature, including realism, black-grey style, and vibrant, beautiful colored art.

My Favorite Ink Defense Product:  Naked  Aftercare Cream! I love how it glides on smoothly, as it keeps the skin from drying out and does not make the surface oily or sticky.

Christian “Chin” Mann   

Chico, California
Instagram:  _chin_tattoo_

I have been in the tattoo industry for 5 years now, and I love everything about it, the people, the art, and giving people a great experience, whether it be their first tattoo or their tenth. I live in Chico, CA, and have been here for 10 years now and live the area. I like all styles of tattooing, but I definitely specialize in Fine Line Floral and Cover Ups. 

When I am not tattooing, I am normally skateboarding, cooking, and target shooting with my free time. 

My Favorite Ink Defense Product: The sunscreen because to me keeping your tattoo safe from the sun and UV is a very important part to keeping your tattoo looking new and lasting longer over the years.  

Francesca Bierly 

Molalla, Oregon
Instagram:  francescas_tattoos

Hi, I’m Francesca! I’ve been a tattoo artist since 2019. I’d say my absolute favorite style is black and grey fine-line florals with an abstract, realistic touch! Though I really love tattooing just about any style. A little about me, I absolutely love my animals, my plants (especially my polka dot begonia), crafting random things, and of course, nerding out on some video games! I’d say my favorite thing about the tattoo industry is being able to meet new like-minded people and learn new artistic skills. My wish is not only to meet, but hopefully exceed each individual's wants and desires for their everlasting pieces of art! 

My Favorite Ink Defense Product: Tattoo cream. I love the tattoo cream because it absorbs more into not only my skin but also my clients, better than any other ointment I’ve tried. The best part is that it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or gooey, either. Also, using all-natural ingredients is key; that way, I know what I’m putting on a fresh tattoo without worry.