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Start your customer’s art off right with Ink Defense Pro-Balm. Specially formulated to offer you the best all-natural tattoo balm available. And it's vegan, too!

  • Smooth consistency during tattoo application
  • Stable during tattoo process 
  • Does not smear the stencil
  • No melting away
  • Give clients a jumpstart on healing

Designed by and for Tattoo Artists - For Professional Use only 

Everything in our products has a purpose.

We do not use water, filler, or extenders in our formulas. Ink Defense products are never tested on animals. You won’t find any petroleum or petroleum by-products, parabens, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances in Ink Defense products.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Em G.
Best balm I’ve used tattooing

Been tattooing 11 years and have tried many products. None are as soothing to the client without also being greasy as this pro balm. No grease yet ink doesn’t stick to the skin making it easy to wipe, and a very tiny bit goes a very long way! Also doesn’t degrade a well-dried stencil. Great stuff!

The best!

The pro-balm is one of the best products I have ever used. I have a lot of clients that have sensitivities, once the naked line came out it was a game changer. After using it the first time it quickly replaced all others for daily use.

My go to…

This is the only ointment I use when tattooing. I have been using InkDefense for 7 years. It never fails to impress. It will almost immediately reduce swelling, and it glides on so well! Moreover, the lavander smell is so calming.

Hayli M.
Excellent Tattooing Balm

I’ve been using the Pro-Balm all Natural Tattoo care since 2019. I like the naked kind very best. The glide works really well to keep the skin moist and calms down redness and inflammation. I like it best on large black and grey pieces but I also use it for every kind of tattooing. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed 💚

Michael B.
Recommend inkdefense pro balm

I love inkdefense pro balm !!! It is the best out there . I use it while I'm tattooing on my clients. It helps with the shading. It doesn't get your skin all red like other creams .it's just amazing stuff and I recommend everyone to try .it has a natural scent really, really good!!! I will not use any other product besides inkdefense pro balm ....... it doesn't clog my cartridge needles, wipes off easily!everyone just loves it's a high five to this product !!!! Thank you inkdefense for introducing me to this product...... Michael bowen

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