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Protect your tattoo from the beginning with plant-based Ink Defense Tattoo Cream.

  • Nourish your skin to promote healing  
  • Moisturize your tattoo with no oily barrier 
  • Quick absorption means no transfer to clothing
  • Use Tattoo Cream daily to brighten and enhance 
  • Meets TSA carry-on guidelines

Ink Defense Tattoo Cream is great for long-term care or ForeverCare.  It's vegan, too!

Everything in our products has a purpose.

We do not use water, filler, or extenders for our formulas. Ink Defense products are never tested on animals. No petroleum or petroleum by-products, parabens, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances are used in Ink Defense products.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
James T.

Simple the best tattoo cream out there it healed my new tattoo perfectly with minimal itching and no scabbing this is now my only go to tattoo aftercare cream

Hydrating and Light Feeling

This is absolutely my favorite aftercare tattoo cream. I just finished a 6/hr tattoo on my thigh and normally I would use the Aquaphor or regular lotion but THIS stuff is crazy better. Normally Aquaphor makes me feel sticky and leaves an unpleasant cakey residue that I feel the need to clean off immediately. Regular lotion always needs to be applied over and over and over for it to even make a noticeable difference in the dryness. The ID tattoo cream doesn’t leave a gross residue and it’s so light that I can barely feel it’s there. It immediately took away the itchy dry spots and I was able to put clothing over it and it not rub off. I would also normally be flaking by now but this cream is speeding up the healing process in the best way. My tattoo and myself are grateful!

Shanny B.
Silky smooth skin

Absolutely love this cream! Not only does it make my skin feel amazing but it smells heavenly! I have sensitive skin and haven't had any issues using it as a day to day cream. Highly recommend!


This product is sent from heaven! My work looks brand new when I put it on!

Francesca F.
The absolute best~

Ink defense products are my absolute favorite to use. I love using it while I’m tattooing clients but also on healing my own tattoos. I personally love that it absorbs into the skin way faster than any product/brand I’ve had experience using. Also being all natural is a double bonus. Highly highly recommended!

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