Over 50 and Getting a tattoo: One woman's experience

Getting your first tattoo over 50 can be an incredible experience, or a little daunting - but once you face your fears and find the right artist - it  can be transformative. Memorial tattoos are not uncommon, but when an artist works with you to create an image that encompasses all your loved ones, it creates a special connection. 

Meet Robin, an incredible lady who worked with Ink Defense Pro-Team artist Nic Ferreira at the HuntsVegas Tattoo Expo in Huntsville, Alabama. Read her story and about the connections made between Robin and Nic. 

Sharing the story behind the first tattoo

Robin took the time to share with Ink Defense what her tattoo and all its elements mean to her. The cardinal was Robin's father’s favorite bird. This is especially dear to her because she was her father’s caretaker in his last years. The rose represents the love between her and her husband. She has a sunflower for each of her children and the cotton is for the family pet, aptly named Cotton, a rescue pup. 

                           stencil of cardinal tattoo.              final cardinal tattoo
Why now?

At the young age of 58, Robin is feeling confident in herself and enjoying her life. After spending years concerned about others' opinions and the stigmas around tattoos, she decided to go for it! 

“When people initially asked me "why a tattoo"? My answer was, "Why would I not want to walk around with a beautiful piece of art on me that represents the most important parts of my life." says Robin.

With her husband's support Robin was excited to see there was a tattoo expo happening in her hometown. She researched the attending artists and came across Nic.  Back40 Tattoo is located in Molalla, Oregon, a world away from Huntsville, Alabama. However, there was an immediate connection between Robin and Oregon, as her daughter, Hannah, lives there. 

Why get a tattoo at a tattoo expo?

When asked about why get her first tattoo at an expo instead of finding a studio with the privacy it offers, Robin expressed the ability to “shop” around multiple artists in one place. Plus, as mentioned, the event was local. When she finished her research, she reached out to Nic and scheduled her appointment. 

Robin’s son and his girlfriend have experienced getting a tattoo at an expo and reported a great experience so Robin’s confidence was boosted by this to ‘go for it’.

Robin and Ink Defense Pro Team Artist Nic Ferreira

Robin and her artist Nic Ferreira

How was the experience at the tattoo expo?

So many things go into a positive tattoo experience: artist manner, range of styles available, clean/sterile environment, and a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Of course, if the opposite is true and can lead to a negative tattoo experience, which can shape your feelings and thoughts about tattoos. 

Walking up to the Ink Defense Tattoo booth, Robin thought “I look more like a PTA mom, than someone who was familiar with tattoos.” She reports, happily, the Ink Defense team and Nic were incredibly welcoming. Robin would do it again in a second! Not only was the experience a positive one, but using the Ink Defense products helped the application process and the healing process. Not only beautiful artwork, beautiful healing.

Robin’s story didn’t end when she walked out of the expo with her beautiful new piece of body art, she buys the Ink Defense Tattoo all-natural aftercare products. She noticed a faster healing time, more complete healing, and colors/lines stayed beautiful - she immediately ordered more. 

Ink Defense is honored to have met such an incredible woman and thank her for letting us share her story. 

Ink Defense Team at Huntsvegas Expo 2022

Robin, her artist Nic, and the Ink Defense team 

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