Empowering Tattoo Professionals

Each tattoo you create is a calling card for future clients--and we want that calling card to do justice to your talent. From Pro-Balm to Tattoo Care Butter, our products are designed to empower you as an artist.

That same spirit guides our business model: We want to see you and your studio succeed, and we'd like to be part of that story. 

Premium Formulas for Savvy Clientele

Your clients come to you because you are the best at what you do--and now you can offer them the industry's best tattoo care products.

Our plant-based Tattoo Care Butter preserves and protects client investments, both during aftercare and beyond. Our vegan and cruelty-free formulas appeal to tattoo collectors and enthusiasts looking to protect their skin while avoiding chemical irritants.

Available in Studios Like Yours

You can choose how to incorporate Ink Defense products into your business, whether that means generating additional income with direct sales to your clients or just including a free tin with your tattoo session. The affordable pricing gives you flexibility without hurting your bottom line.  

You won’t find us in big box stores or on any other website but our own--and we sell our individual tins of Tattoo Care Butter at the same retail price we suggest to studios, which means we aren't looking to undersell you. If a client sees our product in your studio and checks us out online, it makes sense for them to buy it in person, where there's no wait for shipping. That's because we want to partner with you, not compete with you. 

Get Featured 

We want to show off your art on Ink Defense social media platforms, regardless of your experience level. It's just one of the many ways we show our appreciation for your hard work and commitment to the craft.

Grow Our Community and Your Business

Our goal is to build a supportive community of tattoo artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. It's our hope to connect artists and clients while educating people about tattoos, skincare, and more--which is a win-win for everyone.

Make Ink Defense products part of your business today!

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