Did you know that the final outcome of your new tattoo depends on how you care for it?

Proper care during the healing period helps ensure your tattoo looks as good down the road as the day you got it done. Ink Defense Tattoo Care Butter is a great choice for healthy healing. 

Always consult with a tattoo professional for their prescribed method of aftercare when using Ink Defense as part of your aftercare routine. If you're looking for some guidelines, we recommend the following steps:

1. Leaving the Tattoo Studio

Your tattoo will be covered in some type of bandage. Leave the bandage on as instructed by your artist: artists have a different methods, which can very depending on the type of bandage used to cover your tattoo. Do not try to remove the bandage early--not even for Instagram!

2. Cleaning Your Tattoo the First Time

  • Gently remove the bandage and rinse your tattoo with warm water. If the bandage is stuck, you can use water to loosen it. 
  • Use a liquid hand soap to wash the tattoo with your fingertips. Make sure the soap is antibacterial and perfume-free!
  • Very lightly massage your tattoo as you wash it, then rinse all the soap off. Blot your skin dry with a clean cotton towel or clean paper towel.
  • After your tattoo has air dried for a few minutes, apply a small amount of Ink Defense Tattoo Care Butter. Be careful to not over do it: Your tattoo should not be wet afterwards. Gently massage the Tattoo Care Butter until your tattoo is fully moisturized. 
  • When you're all done, wear comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing that is clean and preferably made of cotton. Don't re-bandage your tattoo. 

3. Caring for Your Tattoo for the Next Ten Days

  • Wash your tattoo daily with perfume-free, antibacterial soap. Do not use a rag or anything abrasive--just your fingertips.
  • Reapply Ink Defense Tattoo Care Butter at least twice a day (or as instructed by your tattoo artist) for ten days or until your piece has completely peeled.
  • After four to six days, you might notice some peeling, and you might see scabs for up to two weeks. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH at your tattoo--this is normal! If you scratch, you risk losing color and/or re-opening the wound to potential infections. You can relieve itching by gently slapping your tattoo.

Keeping Your New Ink Safe

  • For the initial healing period, we strongly recommend avoiding any activities or situations that could harm your tattoo or lead to infection.Take a pass on swimming, immersing your tattoo in water, camping, gardening, sunning, tanning, hitting the gym, etc.
  • Don't let your tattoo come into contact with pets, people, unclean surfaces, dirt, standing water, chemicals, abrasive clothing, or even your own hands unless you're caring for your ink.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for at least two weeks. Use a high SPF sunblock once your tattoo is fully healed. 
  • If you notice red streaks, increased soreness, puss, bumps, blisters, or foul odor, you may have an infection. Please seek medical attention immediately. 

Long-Term Maintenance 

Did you know that properly moisturizing is key to keeping your ink beautiful all year long?  From moisturizing avocado to nourishing coconut, each Ink Defense ingredient is carefully selected to bring out the best of your ink, whether it is a new tattoo or one that is several years old.  You will be amazed at the way your ink pops when your skin is moisturized with Ink Defense.

Remember: Proper skincare is essential to ensuring your new tattoo looks amazing for years to come.

Use Ink Defense Tattoo Care Butter daily for long-term care of your art.