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About Us Ink Defense images with Elaine PandolfiI'm Elaine Pandolfi, the founder of Ink Defense, and I'm thrilled to share with you the journey of our woman-owned, small business in the tattoo aftercare industry. My love affair with tattoos started with a single piece over my ankle – a painful yet captivating experience that left me swearing off any more tattoos. But, as you might guess, the allure was too strong, and soon I was craving more.  

Here's the thing: Back in the early 2015, after getting more ink, my friends and I quickly realized the limitations of aftercare products out there. They were either too greasy, heavy, or packed with chemicals – not exactly what you want for your precious skin art. That's when the lightbulb moment happened: why not create a tattoo aftercare product that's both skin-friendly and effective?

Challenge Accepted!

I dove in headfirst. It was crucial to collaborate with tattoo artists to understand their insights about ingredients and existing products. To our surprise, many artists were in the dark about the aftercare products they used. That's when we decided to team up with a natural skincare scientist and create something extraordinary.

The result? Our first product, the Ink Defense Tattoo Cream – a blend that's all-natural, effortless to apply, and fully absorbs into the skin. It's been a hit, and as we expand our product line, we stay true to our roots, using natural ingredients that resonate with our vision.

Joining us on this journey are our amazing Pro-team artists, who not only share our passion but also contribute their expertise. Above all, we're excited and honored to be a part of your tattoo journey.

Thanks for stopping by, and we can't wait to support you and your ink!