Ink Defense Pro-Team

The Ink Defense Pro-Team is an elite group of hand-selected artists representing the full potential of the tattooing industry. We are honored to be part of the creative process of these talented professionals.

Michael Bowen

A Wicked Sensation, 116 N 800 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116


: @michaelnsarahbowe

Booking info: (801)414-5603

Meagan “Megz” Stevens

Bosco’s Tattoo Shop, 20608 South Street, Tehachapi, CA. 93561


: @tattoozbymegz

Booking info: (661)972-8650

Albert "Mr. Beto" Huerta

My Pride Tattoo, 135 South State Street #7, Lindon, Utah


: @mr.beto213

Booking info: (801)623-3998

Morgan “Captain” Birky

Black Sparrow Tattoo, 1123 Pike St, Seattle, WA, 98101


: @mbirky_tattoos

Booking info:

Mawi "Mawi Wowie" Dubale

Obsidian Ink Studio, 9318 -B Old Keene Mill Road, Burke, VA, 22015


: @MawiTattoos

Booking info:

Nicolette "Nic" Lee

Back40Tattoo,175 Grange Ave, Molalla, OR 97038




Xavier "X-ray" Ray



Jerry Moran

Kancre8 studios, 412 E William st, San Jose, CA

Rock Zone smoke shop, Gilroy, CA

: @kancre8

Booking info:

Frankie Ficara

My Pride Tattoo, 135s State Street, Lindon, Utah



Booking info: (801)494-7312

Chris "Irish" Corvi

Meraki Ink, 1015 S. State St. Unit C, Orem, UT 84097



Booking info: (385)208-7474

Jennifer "JEN" Dennison

The Steel Paintbrush, 701 W. Main St. Hamilton MT, 59840


: @thesteelpaintbrush

Booking info: direct message through Facebook Messenger or email

Em "Elmpixie” Greenseth

Obsidian Tattoo, 100 NE Farragut, studio 08, Portland, OR


: @elmpixie_tattoos

Booking info: Through website

Larry McDaniel

Broken Arrow Tattoo Company, 3503 Hwy 411N Eton, GA, 30705


: @brokenarrowtattoos

Booking info: or call 706-537-8592

Zach Forsberg

A Wicked Sensation, 116 N 800 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116


: @siclifeink

Booking info: Text 801-410-3837 or 385-775-4115

William "Will" Cassio

Skull & Snake Tattoo, 50 Elm ST, North Berwick, Maine, 03906


: @the_grim_willis

Booking info: Contact through social media