Defend Your Investment from Day 1

Let's face it: Tattoos are expensive. You've invested your money, time, and emotional energy into getting some new ink—and now it's time to defend it. 

Getting tattooed is just the start of the journey. Premium aftercare is a must if you want your ink to heal beautifully—but did you know that daily moisturization can keep your tattoos from aging prematurely? Our premium Tattoo Care Butter is designed to get you through the ten-day healing period and beyond, so you'll be showing off your ink for years to come.

Treat Your Skin to All-Natural Healing allproductprops.jpg

Whether you're caring for a new tattoo or looking to breathe some life back into an old piece, our cruelty-free formulas are packed with all-natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling brand new. We use the awesome power of avocado butter, coconut oil, lavender, and more to moisturize, soothe, and protect your ink. 

Discover the Industry's Premier Tattoo Care Products

Formulated with the input of the industry's most talented professionals, Ink Defense is specially designed to keep your tattoos vibrant and xrisc. You can buy our product from our website or in tattoo studios, where it's sold by artists who trust our product for all your tattoo needs.