inkdcbd200x200.pngCBD-Enhanced Ink Defense

We are so pleased to offer our CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter to give your aftercare an extra dose of healing power. In addition to all of the other carefully chosen ingredients we've selected for our original formula, you'll reap the benefits of the best CBD on the market--and trust us, you'll see the difference as your tattoo heals!

Experience CBD-Enhanced Healing

At Ink Defense, we pride ourselves on using the finest natural ingredients to heal and beautify tattoos. That's why we have created a new formula enhanced with the miraculous power of CBD.
When used topically, CBD has numerous benefits that make it a perfect fit for tattoo care. In particular, CBD can relieve both pain and inflammation, which means your new tattoo can greatly benefit from this natural healer during the critical aftercare period.
Our CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter includes all of the ingredients of our original formula, so you get all the potency of avocado butter, lavender essential oil, coconut butter, and more--plus the added relief that comes from the highest quality CBD available.

The Highest Quality CBD on the Market

Because we are committed to quality in every hand-crafted batch of our CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter, we personally source our CBD to ensure we provide you with only the best that nature has to offer. Our CBD is derived from hemp grown on US farms that are Federal Farm Bill compliant, which means the hemp is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 

Our products use CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD. This crystalline extract is highly purified, making it safe to use on your skin. 

Our CBD isolate is third-party batch tested for CBD potency, solvents, and heavy metals.

In each jar of CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Butter, you'll get over 100 mg of CBD. 

CBD Tattoo Care Benefits

So why choose CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter?

  • Pain relief 
  • Reduced swelling 
  • Reduced healing time (please still respect the aftercare period indicated by your artist) 
Plus you get the benefits of our original formula:
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Less irritation/itching
  • Less peeling/flaking
  • Increased ink retention
  • Smoother healing
  • Greater vibrancy and sharpness

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Know the Facts

  • Because our CBD isolate is derived from hemp, it produces 96%-99.9% pure CBD.
  • CBD is NOT psychoactive. 
  • CBD-Enhanced Ink Defense is for topical use only and is not intended to treat any medical conditions or be taken internally.
  • We strongly suggest discussing the use of any CBD product with the appropriate individual if you are subject to drug testing.