Uncertain times

Things have gotten pretty weird over the last week, huh? We are going through some very trying times. Our thoughts are with the global community whose lives have been impacted by this situation. Above all, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. 

Safety and sanitation are our top priority.  We hand-craft our products in small batches. Our production crew is small to ensure safety of the product, so there is limited contact from the outside world. We always clean and disinfect work areas and equipment; before, during, and after our production work. I guess being a bit of a clean freak helps! Moreover, production controls and quality assurance processes are in place.  We track all of our production from raw materials to finished products; not only for your safety and peace of mind, but it is the right thing to do! 

To ensure everyone’s safety, we are increasing amount of time preparing and sanitizing all of our production lines. 

Your continued support means the world to us, here at Ink Defense. Whether you are sharing our posts or purchasing items, we appreciate you! 

Please adopt social distancing as much as possible and ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS!!!

We will get through this! 

Elaine at Ink Defense