Thank you Portland Tattoo Expo


Last weekend at the Portland Tattoo Expo was AMAZING!!!

We met so many great people and artists. All the love people showed for Ink Defense made us all proud about our brand and gave us so much a great confidence boost. So we would like to give big thanks to everyone who showed up to Portland Tattoo Expo and gave us such lovely words.



The biggest gratitude we like to show is to our Pro-team member Meagan.

Her journey to Portland show was CRAZY! Due to the fires in southern California, she had to re-route her flight at the last minute and ended up arriving in Portland late Friday evening. Although she had crazy schedule, she was AMAZING! She was booked most of Saturday and completely booked in Sunday. Even with the craziness, she created beautiful art and had happy clients. It was so much fun hanging out with her. 

Thank you Meagan.



During the expo we also had some fun times. Nam, from the marketing team, got his FIRST TATTOO!!! 

We had been teasing him for not having any tattoos. Finally, he took the leap and got his puppy's birthday tattooed on his arm. He loves his new tattoo so much; he's already thinking about getting another one. 'Don't tell his wife' 

Nam's tattoo is done by Jerry Moran

Everyone on Ink Defense team appreciates all the support from organizers from Portland Tattoo Expo. All weekend they gave us shout outs about our products. We look forward to coming back to Portland and hope to see everyone again soon. 

Thank you so much Portland.