Honoring those who take risks


The frontline people fighting this horrible unseen enemy are the real heroes in the fight; healthcare workers, first responders, grocery clerks and more.  It isn’t the government or politicians or the media; it is the local people in our communities risking everything to help us in this war against Covid-19.

Our personal contributions to our fellow human beings are simple; physical distancing including wearing of masks when outside the home and practice good hygiene like washing hands frequently.

While we hear so much about the stock market crashing and arguments over stimulus packages, the real economic impact is not being addressed.  These are people in our communities, people we see at the grocery store or gas station; your local small business owner. 

When a small business owner takes that risk to go for it, it is truly a risk; emotional and financial.  Often there aren’t programs like unemployment insurance to help them out or if the programs exist, the red tape will make it impossible to get support in time. 

But we can help, we can support them, more so now then ever before.  These are people in our community or even our neighborhood that are hanging on, barely.  Think about ways you can help them; whether it is ordering takeout or having delivery from your favorite local restaurant or commissioning work with your favorite tattoo artist. 

Yes, your tattoo artist is small local business owner.  While it might be the furthest thing from your mind, these artists give much to our world… their ART!  Consider ways to support them: work now to design your next piece, support their other endeavors like purchasing art or mediums for your home. 

Reach out to them. Even your kind words and gestures are giving them a power to push through this hard time.  

And always be safe.