Artist Spotlight Albert "Mr. Beto" Huerta Part 2


We continue our conversation with Pro-Team Artist Albert "Mr. Beto" Huerta from “My Pride Tattoo” in Lindon, Utah.  In this part, we discuss the impact of continued learning for tattoo artists.

 ID: Did you have a teacher who helped you refine your style?

Mr. B: I learned from my family at first.  They would build their own machines. They did a lot of script style tattooing. I loved art and drawing.  I wanted to draw on people, tattoo the art on people. 

I like to freehand on people; over 50% of my work is freehand.  If it can go on a piece of paper, you can draw it on a person.  When you draw on a person, the design fits perfectly.  And when you draw, it becomes a custom piece because you are drawing it to fit this person.

I am self-taught but I am now learning from others who are more advanced than I am.  You can always learn, there is always something new to learn.

ID: We understand you mentored pro-team artist Michael Bowen.  Tell us about that.

Mr. B: When I first met Michael, I did a couple of tattoos and fixed some.  He stuck to me.  I wasn’t shy; I shared what I knew.  He picked it all up really well.  He has his own style and now he is really good.  His color and shading are great.  I am glad I could help him grow.  Michael is a cool dude.

ID: Mentoring and learning… same but different.  Can you explain how mentoring has helped you grow as an artist?

Mr. B: Mentoring has helped me grow in many ways; as a person, as an artist.  When you help others, they succeed.  It makes me so happy when I see others grow and succeed. Helping others is worth it. 

ID: Tell us about how you were able to bring your background in tattooing to a worthwhile career in Utah. 

Mr. B: People didn’t know me in Utah.  Once I did one tattoo and people started seeing it, they started seeing my style.  I made it a career to learn new styles as well as improving what I already did.  It was color that got me out there.  When people started showing off my work, I got really busy. 

I came from the streets and I understand the stories behind tattoos and tattoo styles.  It makes a difference when you can understand the stories behind styles of tattooing and why it is done the way it is.  Being able to tattoo in a style is one thing but understanding why that style is takes it to a different level.

ID: Why is Ink Defense important for your customers?

Mr. B: Ink Defense takes care of tattoos right way.  It feels good and smooth, doesn’t burn.. It is good stuff to use.



Here is Mr. Beto’s booking information

My Pride Tattoo, 135 S State Street, Lindon, Utah

Booking info: (801)623-3998

Beto Hrecio


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