Hidden Gems: Broken Arrow Tattoo Company

Hidden gem, definition: An expression which means something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about.

Amazing discoveries can be found in some of the most interesting places.  Tattoo shops, frequently found off the beaten path, have loyal and dedicated clients who know the value of talented tattoo artists.  These are Hidden Gems.  

Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Front door Dalton, Georgia

The creation of the Broken Arrow Tattoo Company has been a labor of love since shop owner Larry McDaniel moved to Georgia. Having owned and operated shops in Louisiana and North Carolina, he saw an opportunity to expand in his new community in Georgia. Through trials and tribulations, Broken Arrow Tattoo Company has grown  with two locations, Dalton, Georgia, and Ft. Payne, Alabama,  a home to an incredible staff of unique individuals, and a growing clientele  with great tattoo stories.

Larry McDaniel, shop owner and artist of Broken Arrow Tattoo Company, Dalton, Georgia and Ft. Payne, Alabama

Larry McDaniel Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia

Larry’s vision has been to build shops and tattoo families with the goal to lift the negative stigmas; show the local community there are tattoo artists and shops that care about their clients and the community they’re in. 

After successfully launching Broken Arrow Tattoo Company in Georgia, Larry knew a second shop was always on the horizon but finding the perfect place for it turned into a new adventure. Settling in Ft. Payne, Alabama, Larry discovered  an ideal location and moved quickly and the shop was open within one month. 

As a small business owner, Larry knows the importance of giving back to his community. He does this proudly through his involvement with the Wheels for Warriors organization. From raising funds through motorcycle raffles to donating tattoo time for prizes, Larry wants to help fund the needs of veterans in his community.
BeingLarry McDaniel Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia in the tattoo industry for almost 20 years and with a passion for the craft, Larry has the experience to spot amazing talent and bring them into the Broken Arrow family. Larry focuses on consistency when looking for artists to join his team. It’s important for artists to be able to offer the same quality and experience to every client that walks in the door. 
As an artist, Larry is known for  his realism and illustrative styles. Larry loves working with clients on “impossible” cover ups and beautiful new pieces. Many first-timers have turned to regular clients and on to great friendships. 


Tyler Kinsey Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia

Tyler - Dalton, Georgia

With a love of art passed to him from his grandmother, Tyler grew up in the tattoo culture as his mom was a tattoo enthusiast. Combining his love of art and the tattoo culture, found himself a career as a tattoo artist. While focusing on black and gray and Neo-traditional designs, Tyler is always learning new techniques, designs, and likes to stay up on industry trends. 

One of Tyler’s best memories with a client was an up and coming Youtube country music sensation, Jeffery Babb. Jeffery’s tattoo session turned into a jam session right in the shop With an in-house guitar and Jeffery’s wife on vocals, it was an incredible experience for the entire shop. When asked why he became part of the team at Broken Arrow Tattoo Company, Tyler replies simply: ”Great guy and a great environment!” 


Jarred Henriquez Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia

Jared - Dalton, Georgia

Jared thought tattooing would be a cool way to earn a living - he was right! Now 10 years later and fully immersed in the tattoo culture, Jared loves working with clients who bring an open mind for the betterment of the tattoo. 

“I like mixing styles together to form something different,” he shares. After an acquaintance told him about the Broken Arrow Tattoo Company and owner, Larry McDaniel; Jared checked it out and the rest is history, he tells us.


Sam the Piercer Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia

Sam, Body Piercing - Dalton, Georgia

My favorite piercing has to be the septum. It can transform a person's entire face and look.” Sam shared, excitedly. Sam loves the art of body piercing and the self expression clients feel with a new piercing. The best client experiences are when they are able to trust Sam, relax and just breathe - they often report little to no pain.

Sam was drawn to Broken Arrow Tattoo Company after hearing they were the best around their region. Once Sam walked into the shop and met the team, she knew she had found home. 

Sukoshi Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Ft. Payne, Alabama

Sukoshi - Ft. Payne, Alabama

Thriving in the tattoo industry for 30+ years, Sukoshi loves the tattoo culture. “Before I started tattooing I was in a band and you can't be a rockstar without tattoos, so I started getting tattooed.” laughs Sukoshi. 

Realizing the life of a tattoo artist doesn’t require a suit and tie, Sukoshi was all for the relaxed, family-like culture of the old school tattoo shops. He loves doing strong and bold tattoos that share a message to the world. After being highly recommended as the best tattoo shop, Sukoshi met Larry and the Broken Arrow Tattoo Company family and knew immediately he belonged. 

Broken Arrow Tattoo Company was built on the premise of creating an accepting atmosphere for artists and clients, as well as maintaining the professionalism required to be recognized as one of the best tattoo shops in the area. 

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Interior Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia Broken Arrow Tattoo Company Dalton, Georgia