Artist Spotlight "Michael Bowen" Part 2


We continue our conversation with Pro-Team Artist Michael Bowen from “A Wicked Sensation” in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In this part we discuss about what customers should consider when tattooing.

ID: What should a customer think about before getting a tattoo?

MB: Definitely placement and is it the right tattoo for them. Sometimes people just want a tattoo.  I always ask are they sure, what does it mean to them. Sometimes it is a memory they want to honor but others just think it is cool.

ID: What is the best way for a customer to come to a session? 

MB: Eating before they arrive and stay hydrated. Do not drink alcohol at least a day before your appointment.  

ID: What happens if someone drinks a few beers before they show up to a tattoo session? 

MB If they do drink and tattoo artists know if they do, the customer they will bleed more, skin swells. It makes it more difficult for the artist to work and make the piece look good. 

ID: What are the consequences of customers not being prepared? 

MB: People can faint, bleed a lot and it is much more painful.  When blood sugar levels are not stable, it will hurt more. 

ID: What is the worst damage you have seen on tattoos?  

MB: Scarification, mrsa, allergic reactions to inks. Some customers just do not take care of their tattoos. They go around cats/dogs or go swimming right after getting new ink.  Customers should listen to artist’s instructions. 

As tattoo artists, we are obligated to inform customers how to take care of their new tattoo.  Educating my clients BEFORE and AFTER I tattoo so they can be clear about it. We should make sure they are happy with the long term results of their tattoo.    

ID: Why is Ink Defense® important for your customers? 

MB: It is a useful product that smooths the skin and helps to speed up the healing process. It smells great.  It is really amazing. 



Here is Michael's booking information

A Wicked Sensation, 116 N 800 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116



: michaelnsarahbowe


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