Artist Spotlight: Meagan "Megz" Stevens - Part 1

Ink Defense Proteam artist Meagan Megz Stevens


We start our Artist Spotlight series for 2020 with Pro-Team artist Meagan "Megz" Stevens. Megz is currently at “Bosco’s Tattoo Shop” in Tehachapi, California.  

In part one we discuss how she got into tattooing. 


ID: You started your career in tattooing in an unusual way.  Tell us about it.

MS: I earned my bachelor’s degree in English and was working toward my master’s degree in Nursing. I had to do 1,000 hours of clinical work before I could even apply for the master’s program. After those 1,000 hours, I had a different perspective of the medical field than when I started.  I found that I was losing my ability to empathize & sympathize with patients. It was an eye-opening experience that lead to a life-altering decision.

After a long discussion with my husband, he simply asked me, “what would you do instead?,” I quickly answered “be a tattoo artist!”  I have enjoyed art for a long time; I knew how to draw before I could write my name. I found myself at a crossroads in my life, and I decided to do it – become a tattoo artist!

I looked at developing my tattoo career like going to college: I took classes and learned everything I could.  I built clientele and got into a shop (Bosco’s in Tehachapi, California). It took off quickly. Now I enjoy guest spotting, continuing to learn from other artists, and expanding my clientele.


ID: What is your favorite style of tattooing?

MS: When I was a child, I saw a guy with Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid) on his shoulder. I was blown away. I carried that memory with me and found myself focusing on Disney art tattoos.  Disney art tattoos are relatable for many people, it feels nostalgic and is something people can identify with. When people get Disney tattoos, they share how the movie impacted them and how they can relate to tattoo.  The tattooing sessions are fun; it almost feels like being at Disneyland. While I do other styles, I like to do Disney because it makes everyone feel good.

I like the water-color technique of tattooing.  There was a rise then fall in popularity, but I really like it. I learned from leading color artist Heather Maranda on technique and how to really saturate colors.

You can’t go into water color with a structured approach. I line the design. That is, I get a feel of where I think I want the watercolor to be placed. My clients have to have complete trust in me during this process. I think that’s why my bond with my clients is so strong. We take a leap together. Moreover, the colors I use are picked by my clients. It is always unique.


ID: What has been your most interesting/unique tattooing experience as an artist?

 MS: At a convention, I chatted with a woman for a moment.  She came back later and asked to get a tattoo. I suggested that she look at some of the designs; she had a design in mind, BB8, but she emphasized it wasn’t so much about the design, she just wanted me to tattoo her.  She said that how I approached her and talked with her made the difference. It made her feel comfortable. It meant a lot to me that I made her happy.

I want people to walk away with an awesome tattoo and feel great about the experience.  I want to have genuine relationships with my clients; people should be happy to be there and talk and share during the session.  Often as tattoo artists we are therapists too.



Meagan “Megz” Stevens is based in southern California where he lives with her husband and her son who will be 2 in March.  She has 3 dogs: Easton, an English bulldog; Dodger, a French bulldog; and Dude, a pit bull. When she isn’t tattooing and enjoying time with her family, she does photography and fresh flower arranging. 

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