Artist Spotlight: Meagan "Megz" Stevens - Part 2


We continue our conversation with Pro-Team artist  Meagan “Megz” Stevens from “Bosco’s Tattoo Shop” in Tehachapi, California.  In this part, we talk about the tattoo industry and the impact of women artists.

ID: Being a guest artist and doing tattoo conventions are a way to expand your business and reach more people.  Tell us how you make it work for you.

MS: Guest Spotting – this is one-way for artists to expand their reach.  First it is important to find a shop where you can fit the dynamic of the shop and its resident artists.  With a guest spot, you can meet like-minded artists.  They tend to share about many things; equipment, aftercare, art styles.  You can get new ideas and learn!  You can network and broaden your clientele.  It is a good business practice.

Tattoo Conventions – Convention energy is super exciting!  It is like doing a Friday, the 13th, but for 3 or more solid days.  You work hard, make money, and get your name out there.  You work the entire time; I mean work hard.  My skills improve every time because of the intense focus.  It is a great experience.


ID: Women are coming into the tattoo artistry field more than ever before.  Tell us about your experience as a woman artist in the industry.

MS: Back in the early 2000s, Women artists were few and far between. I made it a point to get tattooed by a female for my first tattoo!  Then things started to evolve particularly with shows like L.A Ink. In my experience, some guys seem to act tougher when dealing with women, while other guys think it is cool and sexy to be tattooed by a woman. I think, now, women are finally getting more recognition for their talent rather than being looked at as a novelty for a tattoo shop. Women in this industry are amazingly talented!  I recommend to any woman artist, particularly new artists, to not let anything beat you up.  You need to develop a thick skin and move forward. Always, focus on making your art better and making your client feel like family.


ID: Why is Ink Defense important for you and your customers?

MS: Honestly, I tried Ink Defense without knowing anything about it or the company.  And I tried it on myself!. The absorption and the smell from the lavender essential oil is so important.  I have noticed, especially with people with super sensitive skin, it really helps calm the skin down so quickly.  For one customer, the swelling was gone in 10 minutes.  I love it… and it does the job!

Here is Megz’s booking information:
Bosco’s Tattoo Shop, 20608 South Street, Tehachapi, CA. 93561
Booking info: (661)972-8650