When is the last time you showed your skin some love?

We get it: Life is busy. Between work, family, friends, chores, hobbies, and the occasional Netflix binge, who has time to practice self care?

But maybe it's time to rethink our priorities. Maybe it's time to put ourselves first, at least some of the time.

This Valentine's Day season, we say love yourself first. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. Don't put your self care on the bottom of your to-do list any longer!

Here are a few easy suggestions to show yourself some love:

1. Get a massage. Your body will thank you!

2. Schedule a nap. Take it back to the toddler years and catch some shut-eye!

3. Take yourself window shopping. Go to that fancy boutique downtown--smell all the candles and touch all the pretty things.

4. Make a date with yourself. Why wait for someone else to take you to the restaurant you've been dying to try?

5. Clean out your closet. Those clothes that don't fit you anymore are just hurtful, so donate them and love the skin you're in. (Bonus: This one helps others, too!)

6. Discover your favorite scent. Whether it's an essential oil or an artisan perfume, take a sensory journey to find your signature aroma.

7. Exfoliate your skin--and your tattoos! Old tattoos can brighten up significantly if you slough off dead skin. Let your inner beauty shine!

8. Pamper yourself with all-natural Tattoo Care Butter. Avocado butter, coconut oil, lavender oil, and Shea butter are the ultimate in plant-based luxury. Our whipped body butter will make your tattoos look brand new--and it's great for the rest of your skin, too!

We want you to show yourself the same love you show everyone else. That goes for your tattoos, too--because if you don't take care of your skin, who will?