CBD is experiencing quite the moment: From healthcare to beauty, you can see many industries exploring the phenomenon potential of this plant.

At Ink Defense, we are committed to transparency in all that we do, from what we put into our formulas to how we select artists for our Pro-Team. That's why we want to be sure you have the facts about CBD before you decide to use it on your tattoos.

1. CBD does NOT get you stoned.

Although it is derived from the cannabis plant, CBD differs from THC. Depending on whether you ingest* it or use it topically, you'll instead potentially experience such benefits as pain relief and decreased swelling. It is not a psychoactive compound, so it does not produce the same results as THC.

You can find tinctures that also are formulated with THC for added oomph, but in and of itself CBD will not get you high.

*We'd like to note that to should never ingest our products!

2. Our CBD isolate is derived from hemp.

Hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis family. The difference has to do with THC content: Hemp has less than .3% THC, while marijuana has over .3%. While they have a lower THC concentration, hemp strains tend to have much higher levels of CBD--which makes them the obvious choice when it comes to the derivation of CBD isolate.

Our CBD isolate is derived from hemp and is lab tested to show that it is 96.9%-99% pure. Although we always encourage you to discuss any concerns with a doctor or authority figure if you're subject to drug testing, the use of our CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter or Pro-Balm should not cause a THC-positive result.

3. Not all CBD is created equal.

You can easily buy CBD products online or even at a mall kiosk, but not all CBD is high quality--and not all products have the same amount per container!

We personally source our CBD to ensure you get only the best quality. Our CBD is derived from hemp grown on US farms that are Federal Farm Bill compliant, which means the hemp is grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Additionally, we use CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD. This crystalline extract is highly purified, making it safe to use on your skin.

Our CBD isolate is third-party batch tested for CBD potency, solvents, and heavy metals--and each each jar of CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Butter, contains over 100 mg of CBD. (Talk about bang for your buck!)

Whether you shop with us or elsewhere, we encourage you to ask about CBD content and quality when you're buying CBD products. Be sure to ask where it is sourced from, how the plants are grown, etc. If you can't get answers, don't trust your skin to that brand, especially if you're dealing with tattoo aftercare!

4. CBD can make a difference in your aftercare experience.

When used topically, CBD has numerous benefits during the aftercare phase of your tattoo. CBD can relieve both pain and inflammation, which means less irritation to your already damaged skin and potentially a quicker healing process.

Our CBD-Enhanced Tattoo Care Butter and Pro-Balm include all of the ingredients of our original formula, so you get all the benefit of avocado butter, lavender essential oil, coconut butter, and more--plus the added relief that comes from the highest quality CBD available.